Even Late In The Film Release May Be The Right Time, You Feel Isha Koppikar

After the addition and subtraction of letters in his name, courtesy of numerology, Isha Koppikar is reused the original spelling and willingly do so. His latest film has not yet created a stir at the box office, but Isha confidence in his next film, Lalit Marathe's Shabri. And this time, not the glamorous role or item number, but powerful performance in a very realistic movie.

"Shabri is the slums of Mumbai and the story is the way it is caught between the mob and the police. This, in turn, forces them to fight," says Isha. His eyes took a lot of hard work and remember Isha hours of makeup that has in it. "First, there was a video test, followed by a test to evaluate how my character should look in the film," he recalls, adding, "I would have at least two hours to get rid of mark-up and I have to do a good four to five shades darker. "Although the film was completed a few years ago, the delay, Isha feels has been of great help." Bollywood is a game of great experimentation these days and I think happens for good, "she said.

Apart from that, Isha is part of a reality show that will air beginning in September, as well as a business venture that keeps him busy. Quizzes for his songs and the girl khallas, very popular company product number in 2002, remembers more, says that he is aware of being picky. "Khallas was a trendsetter and do not see myself in a number that does not add up to those standards," he signs off.


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