Exclusive Photos: Nicki Minaj Backstage ABC Good Morning America!

Nicki Minaj, one of the hottest hip-hop female artists, went to stage good summer morning in America Concert Series today sing hits from her platinum debut album, "Black Friday". After his electrifying performance, "GMA" Sam Champion went backstage with Minaj, which has been called "hip-hop is a superwoman" when she jumped out of being on stage is a dream come true.


Why she loves pink

Known for pushing the envelope of fashion, Minaj was a set that combines leopard print rain boots plastic green scum and a lot of gum pink - the color that has become his signature. Minaj explained why the pink inspires. "Conjunctivitis is a way of life. It makes me feel euphoric, euphoric and free. It makes me feel invincible," he said. "When I see pink, it really makes me happy and makes my day."


Wigs give Umph

Wigs are another brand Minaj style. Today was a platinum blonde wig - a hybrid between an African and a kind of bob. Minaj said wigs are a way to express different characters on stage. "This is my Harajuku Barbie wig. When I have a bob, I feel like a ladybug sophisticated," he said. But this "does some UMPH."


The collaboration of the Stars' dream come true "

Working with the legendary rap and hip-hop artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne helped put on the map Minaj general public, but his rise to fame has been difficult and rewarding. "I was an underground artist .. just makes the mix tape after mix tape, and now, seeing the people I admired all my life to work with them and be on stage with them, I do not want to sound all soft, but it feels like a dream. "


"Deafening cries opening for Britney Spears

Currently open for the concerts of Britney Spears in the world, was surprised by his sudden success Minaj. "To the clubs with 200 people and then stand in front of thousands, I got chills ... when I came on stage, I was almost deafening screams. I could have cried right there. "


He will do anything for her Barbs

Despite its success remains the dominant performer humble, remember that her fans, she affectionately calls her Barbie or beards, remain at the heart of its success. When asked what her plans for her career, she had two objectives: to make his debut on the big screen, and throw some of his fans.

"I want to Disneyworld with a beard and a sleepover with them ... I feel so alive."

He continued: "I want to thank the" Good Morning America 'to believe in me. This is a dream come true for the child in Southside Jamaica Queens. It 'been a pleasure. "


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