Fashion Police!

Dia Mirza

Kavita: dressed to perfection, Dia is a princess of fashion. There is absolutely no turning back!

Karishma: Slide princess dress, flowing hair and his smile (his best option) is the perfect blend of a young star and confident. I wish that he chose his roles with so much love.

Anushka Sharma
Kavita: Trend-on color with locks flowing, not to mention the endless, smooth GAMS, Anushka seems to have nothing less than the superstar she is!

Karishma: Anushka seems to draw from the good old "minimalist look with elegance. Make-up and hair trial and also points out if there was one thing I want a little bling-it would be the heels.

Esha Deol
Kavita: Umm. Esha does not work. Dream Girl that are not golden girl and try not to work!

Karishma: It seems that took all the magic out of his career and put him in this dress! All that glitters is not gold, fashion, and the gold ring on her finger the ring is just to make your fingers look stubby. Do not try this at home!

Nisha Jamwal
Kavita: The LBD is supposed to be hot, not the old, Nisha. Get an iron with steam and get the clothes in normality!

Karishma: This dress was probably not meant to see so curly, and it is a risky drug for a party. The hair and accessories are not really make a big statement. Overall, the look is completely avoided.

Jesse Randhawa
Kavita: Not bad, but somehow the polishing, and both over-embellished bag is just clash terribly. Tone it down!

Karishma: Wrap dress is a good curve, but it seems to take off her great bod. I would like the earrings she had tried less and handbag.

Jacky Bhagnani
Kavita: The skinny tie and stubble are Jacky as quite the style of study. If funk and youth is what is the mink, an advantage a little more would not go wrong!

Karishma: On the red carpet or out, the black suit and black tie are always predictable. I guess the question is, Jacky?

Priyanka Chopra
Kavita: We wonder why the PC normally ├╝ber stylish always looks terrible when it moves. Hate everything - from head to toe!

Karishma: I like what she has around her neck, with the exception of a broken chains? Obviously, she did not seem bothered by that. And the size of his passport, Priyanka and her look of fashion is everywhere!


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