The International Modeling And Talent Association (IMTA) Is Celebrating Its 25 Anniversary

Celebrating 25 years of the IMTA convention was one of the many highlights of the week. Special mention was given to agents, managers and casting directors who have been on the IMTA for 25 years on end. Karen Lee, Joan Stephens, Arthur Bronfin Clair Sinnett, Joey Hunter, Michael Flutie, Heinz Holba, Cynthia Kazarian, David and Judy Savage Vando was honored. The board member of the IMTA, which is part of the IMTA in 25 years has also been recognized: Diane Dick, Janie Head, Voloney White, Wendie Davis, on behalf of Margaret O'Brien, and Joe Rickie at name of Rose Perez. IMTA also recognized Nancy Mancuso, CEO of the IMTA, in more than 25 years of dedicated and inspired leadership of the association.

For the 25 th anniversary of the IMTA, aspiring models and talent from all over the world converge on New York modeling agents most influential managers, scouts, and the Board of Directors Casting weeks of well-known International Modeling and Talent Association Convention. At IMTA, competed on the track models, fashion press, jeans, swimwear, television commercials and beauty make-up competitions. Talent competed in monologue, entertainment, Host, ready for my close-up, sitcom, commercial printing, Cold Read, and theatrical headshots.

Agents around the world are networked together IMTA, discuss fashion trends coming and, especially, to explore new faces for their organizations. Talent agencies, managers and casting directors were also present to find actors, singers and dancers representing. IMTA is known in the industry for the debut of the best new talent in the market and model Katie Holmes (IMTA 1993 and 1995), Ashton Kutcher (IMTA, 1997) Eva Longoria (IMTA, 1998), Ashley Greene (IMTA 2004) Elijah Wood (IMTA, 1989) Jessica Biel (IMTA, 1994), Josh Duhamel (IMTA, 1997), Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Jessica White issue (IMTA 1999), Madeline Kragh Vogue TV (IMTA, 2007), model Janice Brian Kehoe Dickinson Agency (IMTA 2001) and Elite Heather Isaacson (IMTA 2008). For older IMTA, see

Tatiana Owens (IMTA 2007), whose music was presented on MTV and VHI, returned to the IMTA performs her new single, background dancers / models that have been the current IMTA competition. Supermodel Grayson Gettys, and Michael Fulfree Zhanna (Project Runway), appeared, and awarded the winners. Fulfree Michael said: "I came to IMTA in 2008 and won the male model of the year I signed the three agencies, the eldest, and the next Major Milan E 'was a blessing to be here Wherever you are in some subjects, we are looking ....» Zhanna (IMTA 2004) said: "The best thing about IMTA and the experience was just walking along the track for the first time was fantastic IMTA is the best thing that ever happened to me ... "Grayson Gettys said:" As the IMTA competition in 2009, I worked in Paris and Milan, and are based here in New York, Wilhelmina. And 'a tremendous opportunity that the best way I can say.

It 'was really exciting to be on track, all eyes on you. IMTA is an experience like no other. All that is surprising. "

IMTA covered the event throughout the week with updates to Twitter directly visualized in real time. See the cover of the IMTA IMTA Official Twitter feed. IMTA Official blog also frequent updates and highlights the Convention during the week. On the Day of memory of the IMTA, agents and managers had one-on-one with models and actors they had seen during the week and discussed the possibilities of a career in the industry. Many contracts have been signed and hundreds of careers were launched.

IMTA Awards night is Friday, July 22 saw the models and talent of the year's notice. This prize is awarded to competitors who have the highest composite result. For more information about IMTA and the winners of the events,

Female model of the year - Michelle Paige, Barbizon - Chique, Philadelphia, PA

Male Model of the Year - Ryan Lionberger, Barbizon, St. Louis, MO

Year young adult female actress - Anna Fleury, Texas, Theatre, and Modeling Academy, Austin, TX

Young adult male actor of the year - Robert Richard, Mayo Hill Centre / Neal Hamill Agency, Houston, TX

The most wanted female talent - Made Mariel is not a good production, Coeur d'Alene, ID and Kailey Hyman, John Robert Powers, Philadelphia, PA

Talent Most Wanted Man - Brion Watson, Barbizon - Avanti, Raleigh, NC

The most sought after female model - Tatiyana Cotton, IMD, Medford, OR

Most popular male model - Ryan Lionberger, Barbizon, St. Louis, MO

Junior Female Model of the Year - Lauren Akumuo, Barbizon - Chique, Philadelphia, PA

Junior Men Model of the Year - Daniel Schuler, IMD, Medford, OR

Junior Miss Model of the Year - Tatiyana cotton, IMD, Medford, OR

Female Fitness Model of the Year - Stephanie Kamin, Mayo Hill Centre / Neal Hamil Agency, Houston, TX

Female Fitness Model of the Year - Jason Helenbrook, Personal Best, Buffalo, NY

Actress of the Year - Jade Froede, the main line of models, the King of Prussia, PA

Actor in a year - Michael Dominguez, Acting & Modeling Academy in Texas, Austin, TX

Actor Young Women of the Year - Alexandria Petrosinelli, the new models in the group of UK, Manchester, NH

Junior Year Male Actor - Zachary Fox, Mainline Models, Media, PA

Junior Miss Actor of the Year - Sarah Fostier, New England Models Group Manchester, NH

Young Miss Model of the Year - Ava Galindo, Mayo Hill Centre / Neal Hamil Agency, Houston, TX

Pre-Teen Male Model of the Year - Peter Sherek, Caryn International, Minneapolis, MN

Male child model year - Nathaniel McIntyre, Nijah, Hicksville, NY

Child Female Model of the Year - Demi Mills, Nijah, Hicksville, NY

Young Miss Actor of the Year - Brooke Bastian, MTM, Chicago, IL

Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year - Sammy sofa, Barbizon - Ice, Toronto, Canada

Child Actress of the Year - Mariel Ark, it is not good productions, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Child actor of the year - Julien Ortiz, Barbizon - Chique, Philadelphia, PA

Many scholarships were also awarded during the gala ceremony.


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