Selena Gomez Received Death Threats From Fans Of Justin Bieber

A fan warned: If Justin Bieber Selena Gomez breaks my heart, I will break his face I'll kill him unkindly. "

Another author, "It's just dating Justin for glory."

Bieber a huge number of followers on Facebook has helped him be named as the executor of the planet's third most powerful.

Canadian singer born nine million followers on Twitter with a YouTube video of "baby" of their success is still seen more than 500 million times.

Justin Bieber's girlfriend has given the risk of dying after he was shown kissing and cavorting in Hawaii with a teen idol.

Actress Selena Gomez, 18, is not just the victim of hate campaign fans jealous of the female star of 17 years.

"Stay pedophile Justin," an angry fan wrote on Twitter.

Gomez drew the ire of fans Bieber, called Belibers after she and the singer also went public with their romance.

The couple, who for weeks kept their romance secret, was captured images of kissing while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii.


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