Emma Watson, Photos Scandal Controversial

Emma Watson is the latest high-profile celebrity to leave the university because of the demands of career. Can a nude photo scandal last fall had nothing to do with it?

Watson had a rough go of his classmates during the fall semester. Shortly after his return to classes, photos spread throughout the campus e-mail, which showed that Watson topless next to the tub. It turns out, photos were a hoax, but the incident occurred. His much-desired privacy has been breached.

Watson, known it was furious, and there have been reports of possible legal consequences and disciplinary action at school. But nothing so far, apparently taken place, and the image was widely exposed.

Watson, who shot to fame and a major bank in its role in the

"Harry Potter" film series noticed she left Brown University on its website this morning. "As you know I love Brown and I like well enough to study more than anything else, but recently I had so much to juggle being a student and meet my other obligations have been any simply impossible, "she writes." I decided to take some time to completely finish my work on Harry Potter (the last coming out this summer) and focus on my other business and trade projects. " I will still work for my education ... it's just for me to take a semester or two more than I thought.


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