Salman is not a bhai

As we all know Salman Khan Salman Bhai is affectionately called, not only by his colleagues from Bollywood, but by his fans as well. But apparently it is not too happy, and he hates most is when girls call it.
Bigg Boss 4 When Bhai Shweta Tiwari winner had spoken in an episode of the series, Sallu, he said, "I agree with Dolly Bindra (another participant in the show) talking about me bhai, but I can not call me bhai Salman Shweta" .
It seems that his "Dabangg" co-star Sonakshi Sinha has taken this view. Sonakshi, who has won several awards for best newcomer award for the various activities during the past year have ensured that he did not commit this error. In most of these activities, is ready speech in which he thanked the entire team Dabangg. In most cases, however, his speech went, "I want to thank Mr. Salman Khan and Arbaaz Bhai ..." Well, Sallu Sonakshi can not respect a lot, but he has clearly avoided calling him Bhai.


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