After A Poor Performance By SRK, King Khan Teasing Rakhi

Shah Rukh Khan hosted Zor Ka Jhatka open with the public were dark and never regularly soak week.
It has now been realized is the difference between the lowest ever PRT show hosted by Bollywood star! Even the Rakhi Sawant show anchored to attract more eyeballs to King Khan's latest adventure has a small screen.
Rakhi not mince any words in his popularity ratings. "I Rakhi Ka Insaaf on the same channel (Imagine) was more than the visibility of Zor Ka Jhatka.
And in his opening characterizes it, she says, "Ek dum Laga Hai Zor Ka Jhatka!"
ZKJ opened a 2.6 TVR, but failed to attract audiences during the second week and the average has dropped from 1.7 to 1.4 TVR.
Rakhi Sawant Rakhi Ka Swayamvar opened with a rating of 4.12 TVR and maintained an average TVR of 3.04.
From ZKJ aired on Feb. 1, which raged in making SRK to host Jhatka Ka Zor. The international version of the reality show Wipeout desi total up to its name.
King Khan has been under the scanner to the small screen task which proved to be damp squib as his fighters, who just soak in puddles of water.
Why SRK took Zor Ka Jhatka
According to the buzz from Bollywood city, said his Shah Rukh Khan was paid Rs 20 crore for the show. Insiders that he agreed to do the show because it involved a huge sum for a few days of work.
As "Khan Chroma-ed" (list of entries, 24 January), King Khan has to travel to Argentina with the candidates where they filmed the show. The chrome parts were shot in Yash Raj Studios.
There is also a buzz that SRK accepted the offer because of Ra. One. He needed a lot of money for his lavish production sci-fi


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