Ajay Krrish 2 Devgn As A Criminal

Is Ajay Devgn end up playing the villain in Krrish Rakesh Roshan 2?

HISTORY: Rakesh Roshan and Ajay willing to work together for some time. Directed by Ajay had been approached during the Karan Arjun, but it did not work.

THE ROLE: A source reveals that the function Devgn proposal is "a character ultra cool, stylish, with shades of gray something clever, bold, witty, intelligent and evil along the lines of the character Joker in the Batman series" and is "in total contradiction to everything he did before."

Does it? Does it? Roshan Jr (Hrithik) is also willing to carry Ajay following superheroes. "AJ gives it seriously," says our source.

Apparently, Ajay is quite willing to work with Rakesh and knows itself to be one of the best commercial directors today.

"It's a great role in films like this and the Dhoom series, gray paper more buzz and interest that the role of hero. Some details are being developed."

TWIST: Rakesh Roshan Salman Khan, met in Bangkok last month, when the actor was shooting Finish. That said, casting a negative role in Krrish 2 could be still in the air.


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