Madhuri To Cost More

As Madhuri Dixit to sign a paper, but more expensive. After an excellent response to its presence in the reality of dance 'Jhalak Dikhla Divide, it now appears that the channel would significantly improve its already impressive, if not astronomical, payment, if the star is to appear, the court next season .

Apparently, Madhuri fee is higher than any offer to judge the reality of the history of Indian television. Says co-star, who has worked closely with Madhuri: "Why has not brought much to the table when he came on board?". Jhalak Dikhla Share "Madhuri has gone to another level."

While the sources on Sony TV concise renegotiation, Madhuri is secretly enough to admit that the second season of 'Jhalak ...' is being developed. "We are negotiating stage. Nothing has been finalized yet. Let's see ... I really enjoyed my first stint program. I do not exclude the second season," said Madhuri. But it now expects to join her husband and son in the United States.

"I do not know when I return. This has been my longest stay in Mumbai away from my husband and children. Although my son is in Mumbai at Christmas, I still felt the distance. Currently, I can not think of anything but getting back to people who matter most to me, "she said.

Madhuri has also said she did not sign films during this trip. "I met the leaders and scripts heard. But all that could tear me away from my children," she said. "I must admit it was a very special visit to Mumbai. I felt welcome. But now I can not say when I come back, "she said.


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