No sex without love for Robert Pattinson

'Twilight' Robert Pattinson is a true romantic at heart. He says it's difficult for him to have a physical relationship with a woman unless he feels a real love for her.

24-year-old, who is currently dating "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart, says that older sisters taught him to respect women reports.

"This is saving the idea of ​​love, I believe it. I'm not sentimental, but I'm a romantic soul. I grew up with two older sisters that I have a deep respect for women. Sex and the meaning of my journey hand in hand, "said Pattinson.

It's a bit conservative at heart, and admits he feels uncomfortable when women show their bodies.

"I hate the lack of modesty, I miss when people are conspicuous by their body," he said.

The actor says he will take the report seriously, and I'd lead a simple life family in the future.

"I'm not interested in casual sex. I need to know people. I'm not making a statement existential here. I simply want a family with two or three children."


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