priyanka chopra Shahid back again

It's a love story that we never find out. Like all talked about the final distribution between Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, news comes that she saw a ride on his Harley Davidson sexy.

The latest twist in this love story very confusing is that the couple is back to being friends again. Not so long ago they had another of their terrible battles, which led to Piggy Chops Birthday Shahid failure.

But a few weeks down the line, it seems to have sobered up, and apparently realized they were meant to be together (albeit with a mass brawl and breaks in between). Therefore, viewers were surprised to see her go to define Shahid recently and obligations and to discuss with him.

A tabloid reports that the ice was broken, apparently during a festival of Holi, the duo who attended.

Hmm, so the friendship is back on track. But for how long?


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