Ranbir’s had enough

A constant link-ups with actors like Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor Nargis Fakhri are irking. He is no longer amused by the ladies 'man painting', or his parents.

So, Ranbir has become aware of the image of her wild lover-boy, who has now decided to tip the other end. "It's not for me, it is written. I've had enough. I just want to withdraw completely from the limelight for some time," said Ranbir, 28

The actor is currently shooting busy for "Rock Star" Imtiaz Ali with half Czech half Pakistani Nargis Fakhri model. "Over himself, Ranbir is embarrassed because of her parents. It can take any flak or reputation. But if his parents will be affected, he said. And now, Ranbir has had enough. It not take the picture Casanova is down, "said Ranbir friend.

"Ranbir is very tired of the voices of Nargis. He never treated as anything other than co-star. Ranbir goes out with him, yes, but only a group of friends."

His friend says there is a valid reason has been seen with Ranbir Nargis in a recent film. "Nargis is part of an exclusive contract with producers Asthvinayak" Rock Star ". It can not be seen at public events or social gatherings with people outside the team's" Rock Star. "His instinct The most logical is to hang out with his Co "Rock Star" Ranbir-star and her friends, "said the friend.

Speaking to movies much more marked when Ranbir and Nargis were seen together, the friend reveals, "Ranbir was keen to see 'The History of the King" and not "Black Swan", as reported in the press with its Ayan Mukherjee boyfriend. Nargis wanted to find. What she did with a friend of hers, on the PVR. On the beach when Ranbir was released, there were more than 50 press photographers waiting to click on it and Nargis Together ... to 23 hours. " Who briefed the press? Certainly not Ranbir or Nargis or friends who have accompanied the film. "

Ranbir friend knows the image of a gallant man 'is currently being planted in the extreme and has "vested interests" only to show that the actress is not as serious about their work of his colleagues. According to friends, the last drop has been linked with Ranbir Anushka. When this item is broken son of Ranbir's father Rishi Kapoor asked me to do something to gossip endlessly.

Lo friend, "Does not look Ranveig Singh? Why team up with another girl Ranbir? It was reported that he was with Anushka on the backseat of their car. Wrong! Ranbir was in the front seat with her friend Ayan. Anushka was in the backseat with Ranveig Singh. They all went to Olive for a meal where they were joined by Shahid Kapoor


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