Sonam, brand ambassador of the year!

He is known for his fashion sense and bad comments on talk shows. But now, Sonam Kapoor is something to be proud of. E 'was named brand ambassador for NDTV Good Times Guru Gadget Awards 2011 held in Delhi on Monday. The girl also admitted that the gadget freak. "You'll find everything a laptop, cell phone and iPod and closet iPad. They are with me all the time. I can not leave my cell, even for five minutes. Gadgets have become a way of life today, no generation, Sonam says.

"I Hate stories Luv" actor, who has been very active in the microblogging site Twitter, says the technology in its positive and negative. "It depends on how you're involved in it. Twitter is a great forum for the calculation of your thoughts and sharing with others, but some are desperate, fame and disgusting. I have a reputation prevented a lot of crazy people that are annoying," he added .

Although prices are bound by technological innovations, Sonam was more than happy to be considered a tech-savvy actress, "a title that not many can claim to Bollywood. Good girl. Now, if you like something outrageous tweet and interesting to fans


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