B-Town Talks About Shiney Ahuja

Seven years? Seven years is a lot! I was stuck with me, so I know what happens, "says shocked by Salman, who has been relatively short stint in prison. 45 years, was involved in a case of hit-and-run accident and a roll of black sex masculine. " I hope you (shine) is innocent, and if someone is trying to frame him, that man should leave. Seven years in prison is too long, especially if someone has lied, "said Salman.

Actor Arsahd Warsi believes that the judiciary does not target players, "shameless." "Murderers, terrorists and corrupt politicians are walking freely and Shiney Ahuja gets 7 years ...," Arshad posted on his Twitter account. "I'm not saying that is right, but do not forget that Kassab continue to enjoy the hospitality. You know nothing. Rapes that occur every day in our country powerful and connected people, then do not even registered. My point is, all the criminals should be punished the same way, it is not right to do, for example, just because an actress is in the news, "said Arshad. Producer-director Farhan Akhtar is hoping that the luster has the strength to face the Court of Justice. "If you do something wrong, you must pass through a penalty. I wish him all the power. Spera, will be shown that he is innocent," said Farhan.

Shiney was arrested June 15, 2009, after medical tests on the girl confirmed sexual assault. The girl was 20 years in June 2009 filed a complaint with the police she was raped by shiney, 37, while she was at work at his home, after which the actor was arrested. After more than a year, said the girl in September 2010 law that rape never occurred. The medical examination in June 2009, however, confirmed the rape


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