Bewitched "continues To Blow Over

One does not remember when was the last film made in a consistent and counters just one day, if it is issued until the end of the first week. "Haunted", which opened in the (expected) below the average for comment on Friday has seen a gradual increase in collections over the weekend, only to be very consistent and the rest of the week. When collections refuses to slide down, and the public will continue to flock to cinemas to see what Vikram Bhatt had baked a 3D score of "Haunted" was pretty good out of 14 crore coming in. Now these are collected excellent film, which is was to analyze the budget. In addition, the film is now playing as a stimulus for Chakraborty Mahakshay can finally leave the demons of his first film "Jimmy" on the back. Vikram that he can also wait for churning out horror movies a lot more from now on.

Hopefully, Yash Raj Films did not do something similar for their "Youth Film wings, whose films like" Ka Luv The End "is what they intend to churn in the future. The film was to be a right in a low voice during the first week with just over 4 million rupees to come again, because the film was made in such a low price, it would ultimately be a matter rebound from a business perspective. But among the crowd, the latter of a recession and not quite the film the campus chic you wanted out of Bollywood.


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