Neither Ashmit And I Believe In Marriage: Veena Malik

In one incident in Pakistan actress Veena Malik, when he was traveling to Islamabad, Lahore, the actress is said to be complete, resist calls for the Pakistani media.

According to Pakistani media, Veena was recovering in a hospital.

"It is not true," said Malik, "miraculously, I received one from scratch. Even if the vehicle is completely mangled managed to escape unharmed. I think it's a guardian angel watching me."

The incident, however, resulted in a series as well.

Her boyfriend, actor Ashmit Patel Bollywood and she is back together. Ashmit has been constantly on the phone asking about the welfare Veena, especially since reports in the Pakistani press has been quite disturbing.

No Wedding Bells

Spurred on marriage, Veena laughing, "No, no Ashmita believe in the institution of marriage. The wedding day has meaning for us, we will take the plunge."

Veena returns to Mumbai in two weeks. "I took three film projects and talk when I return to India.


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