September Behaind John-border Inspection Stations To Break

John Abraham and Bipasha rest after a decade of being in a relationship.

The actual distribution took place in mid-February, but decided to keep it away from the media.

The timing is perfect. Bipasha has evolved and is busy shooting his film Singularity Hollywood crossover and also players from Abbas Mustan. She felt it was important for all to know after the announcement of his contact with Josh Hartnett began coating. Friends reveal that she had given permission for John to talk if he wanted. "It was very clear when John went solo on the sets of Koffee with Karan that they were made, the source said. But he decided to keep it closed, open only to some of his close friends. Bips gets closer with Josh after his recent breakup with his girlfriend Sophia Lie, it was the right time for her to get out into the open.

Close friends confirm that there were reasons for not one but several for the separation is imminent.

Being John Major's inability to commit to settle down. An anonymous friend of the oil spill the beans, "10 years is not a short time. Other couples should be resolved in a long time ago, but apparently wanted to concentrate on their careers and make money. But over the last two years, Bipasha was becoming increasingly frustrated with his attitude towards their relationship. he was taken for granted and really evil. "

Second tones was still uncertain about when she and John go out, it would be an opportunity to hear about her growing closeness with either his co-stars (Katrina in New York, Vidya Salam-e-Ishq) or until 'future models. She was tired of turning a deaf ear to these suggestions.

But the biggest blow came when John heard that Bipasha was trying to break into the Salman field and send the antennas. "He was wounded he was trying to get a movie with Salman. Despite the public statements of John Salman no longer enemies, the fact remains that even despise each other. When faced with the tones, and she denied that obtained the most annoying. They still have strong verbal discussions with the things that occur around. friends who try to intervene, but in vain. "

The sources confirm that the two were separated forever. Bipasha is now more than friends with Josh and John is officially back to enjoy his bachelor status.


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