Salman Opens Filmfare Magazine

It seems that Bollywood hottie, Salman Khan, who saw his inner life to the fullest. In the past he has dated some of the most beautiful women in the industry.

In an interview with the magazine Filmfare, Sallu sincerely opens, admitting that he is a very simple and it does become difficult. sometimes, to live with. Speaking of his relationship, Salman was all praise for his former girlfriends, "I saw three or four women in my life, and they are very pretty inside and outside. Somehow, it did not work. I think it's my fault. "

When asked if he is a man of material or not, Salman Khan says, "Forget it man, I'm not even boyfriend material."

Currently the life of Salman revolves around four women in his life, his mother, two sisters and Reshma Reddy, a professional who cares for its ads. Salman am single and have a blast.


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