Bipasha Not Too Happy With John

While John Abraham Simi Simi Garewal show uses Select India, most desirable to extend an olive branch to his former Bipasha, Bipasha does not have enough to drink.

The actress had a say, courtesy his Twitter page: "I do not need to be on a talk show to prove my goodness My relationship with John Abraham is over for good - for reasons known both of us ".

She added that her tirade, said: "What happens between two people supposed to stay between the two when it's over, it's that I grew up with dignity and respect I deserve."

John thought that the public outpouring of Simi show was the best way to let them know how much I Bipasha feels about the place break fierce. Then they re-shot the show, made her heart and said it felt like 12 minutes and then the segment was cut at the editing table.

On the other hand, Bipasha be linked to all the single hotties out there - Rana Daggubati to Josh Hartnett and even Shahid - but she knows what she wants. "Waking up with stories about my daily life is not funny! It sounds tragic, when I'm in a happy place is not ok with me!"

It 'clear that Bipasha is a single ready to mingle, and love, but is John regrets the failure, or envy in his happy place. This is something we'll never know


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