Bollywood Katrina With The Observations Of Rahul Gandhi

The recent controversy has raised more comments on nationality Katrina Kaif Rahul Gandhi has transformed the political circle. However, Bollywood has to support the pretty girl.

Gul Panagia, Katrina Puzzled excuses, Twitter, "Katrina was an excuse," half Indian "comment on the RG. Why?"

And when a fan in question the intentions of Katrina, she said, "bad intentions, she asked about it?" Half Indian "state She said she is not alone."

Chetan Bhagat author is also supported Katrina. "For these questions (sic) the credibility of Katrina, and she has done more than you ever will. In any case, you need a PhD genetic credibility at expert level to make a remark about someone who is mixed race? "He wrote.


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