Madhuri Dixit Was An Elephant, Because

Madhuri Dixit Bollywood Diva has become a brand ambassador of the charity to keep Asian elephants. It says that the recent human elephant conflict would not have happened if the state had tuskers.

"Elephants are one of my favorite animals and I love them. So what we must do now is to see how we can keep our animals. I feel very strongly about this," the 44-year-old actress said.

"In many cases, human-elephant conflict was reported in the country. This would not have happened if the elephants had their own state and people were cut from forests, agricultural lands, settlements, industry, roads and railways" he added.

Gemfields, a mining company in Zambia emeralds, worked with the World Land Trust and the Wildlife Trust of India to launch Emeralds for elephants, a project that raises funds for elephant conservation in Asia. He named Madhuri in charge of the project.

"What makes gemfields is that there are limited resources to take our land, I'm here in my emeralds, but they are also returning. This I think every man should do," said Madhuri.

Bollywood Madhuri And future plans? The star was vague about that in the event, saying only that it was not the time to talk.


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