How I Met Kareena Kapoor Size Zero

Size zero fashion jargon that describes a woman who has a bust size of 31.5 cm, a height of 23 inches and hips 32 inches. Kareena Kapoor is the beauty of the great actors of Bollywood (Hindi films made in Bombay) and is known to have been reduced to zero the size of a movie.

Secret Weight Loss Kareena Kapoor

This pudgy former actor (who weighed 132 pounds) has surprised by its sudden weight loss commitment and successfully completed a slim slim. Those who could not "figure" in the secret of his successful weight loss speculated that she went on a crash diet and was too weak for her. It was reported that the actress fainted frequently during recording too.There were rumors that she had surgery bariartic, which is not true

However, Rujuta Diwekar, dietitian and nutrition therapist, who heard the actress, since May 2007, says Kareena lost weight in a healthy way, eating the right food, and meditates on the right track.

Transition support Kareena By Rujuta Diwarker

Initially Kareena asked her dietician that she would not crash diets or unhealthy way to lose weight when she was a popular icon for millions of adolescents in India. She did not want to mislead them to think about starving or crash diet did to lose weight.

The vegetarian actor, however, he resigned his favorite food is parathas (flat bread fortified fat), cheese, pasta, Thai and Chinese and bananas. Switched to a vegetarian diet, consisting of soup, fruit, yogurt, salad vegetables, and plenty of fluids had exactly the number of calories.

Meals are planned so that the actor received the right amount of nutrition with a balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and supplements optimal.

Routine fitness club Kareena Kapoor Payal Gidwani In

Meals are complemented by two hours of power yoga (yoga, gym strong base) practice. Payal Gidwani, the trainer says Kareena Actor Surya Namaskar be 50 in a single workout. At times, achieved a 100 with many variations.

What is the Surya Namaskar Surya Namaskar as Done

Surya Namaskar translated literally greeted the sun. This yoga exercise is believed to be useful in the body and mind. To exercise that takes advantage of almost 95% of the muscles in your body. This keeps the shape of the muscles and smooth operation. And 'more effective if the early morning on an empty stomach. In fact, 50 namaskars Surya correspond to 100 sit-ups and pull-ups! There are twelve steps to complete to use. One of the Surya Namaskar consumes 2.3 kilocalories of energy.

Calendar Yoga Kareena Kapoor

The schedule of yoga, there were one or one and a half long, composed of

* Heating

* Surya Namaskar

* Yoga focuses on the performance / capacity of the two parts of the body, including

* ABS Naukasana

* Bhujangasana for the back

* Parvatsana weapons

* Virabhadra feet

Consisting of cooling pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. Kareena is said to have collected around 500 kapalbhatis every day. Weight loss is a Kapalbhati focused breathing exercise

Some believe that Kareena practiced Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga. This exercise is designed by Bikram Choudary in the seventies. It is performed in a room that has 40% moisture and heated to 105 degrees F. and half an hour has a pair of routines breathing and 26 different yoga postures.

It is encouraging to see that you can achieve an ideal weight, stay healthy and look beautiful all at the same time, with the right kind of planning what you eat and how you train.

Achieving an ideal weight can be heavy, and very close to impossible if you are going to starve, or take drastic diets. Kareena Kapoor believed that a sensible diet and regular exercise hours, in the form of Power Yoga to lose weight and stay healthy.


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Core workout works the muscles that hold you upright. These include all of the muscles about your torso. Although experts disagree as to which specific muscles make up the core, quite a few include everything from your tummy to your back, hips, and rear-end. These muscles are your body’s powerhouse of strength.

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