Koena Mitra To Integrate His Shot Of "The Story Of Naomi"

Koena Mitra have not been able to gather a lot of satisfaction in Bollywood, but the young woman's career in Hollywood began to throw impressive. Our space was reported that the girl had killed a project in Hollywood, "Naomi's Story" with Kevin Sorbo. The latest addition to what the film was directed by fashion photographer Ash Gupta and produced by Michael Hirshenson already been completed. Koena Although the two novels of a man and a woman in the film, she said there is a bisexual role. reveal more about the history of the film, says, "Naomi's story is a dark film. I can play the wife of Kevin in the movie. It also deals with another relationship, so the theme Love, lust, betrayal. "

Koena has two other projects in the hands of Hollywood and the other two are produced by Karen Armstrong. One of these is the as yet unnamed movie starring Miles O'Keeffe, and the other is called Dark Romance.


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