Shahid Kapoor Love Affair With 'Mausam'

His voice was thick with emotion as his father, actor-turned-director Pankaj Kapur nudged him toward the pole by Mike, to talk to an average family of four-year romance with Mausam, the first joint offering in the Kapur family Bollywood family. "It 'been a long journey," said Shahid, about two and a half years, he devoted himself to this film. He adds: "This film required four years of my father's life. It 'an experience that happens only once in our lives."

Pankaj Kapur, who is best known for her performance in films like Maqbool raakh and finally decided to don the director hat this time, and wrote the manuscript Mausam was, as he says, "only to Shahid." Shahid was nervous, because he openly admits to us, as he drove from his home to attend the first appearance of the theater theatrical trailer Mausam, a suburb of Mumbai today. "My palms were sweaty, this film is not just a movie for all of us."

Huddles close to the center of Kapur, Shahid, Supriya Pathak (wife Kapur) and Sonam Kapoor (Mausam plays the female lead), the young actress says: "It 'was truly a labor of love." Mausam wheel Harinder Singh, the Air Force pilot, and his lady love Aayat. Their love story not only transcends geographical borders, but also jumps to a different time zone. The story needed to fly a fighter Shahid, and also sports a mustache in which the actor admits that he was as challenging as the previous task. At times laugh out loud, Shahid says, "When I started filming two years ago, my father told me that I was required to grow a mustache. I was very insecure about it. However, the father told me Air Force officer who has a mustache. It 'was a real role to play ... "

Mausam were previously together to collide with Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan Rock Star Plus Brother Ki Dulhan on the box office. However, the D-Day was postponed to September 16. But the actor is the least bit bothered by the delay, and even adds that he is very comfortable with doing one film a year. Ask him if he thinks his box-office output may slow a negative impact on his career and he quips: "Different things work for different people. I do not fast forward." So what is the greatest temptation when it comes to signing a film and Pat comes the answer: "My only requirement to sign a film is that it must be the most exciting things offered to me"


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