Varun Bahl Madhuri Dixit Stole Show

Varun Bahl fashion show to put all the latest Indian costumes to the next level in the fashion world. Varun Bahl fashion Delhi in 2011 opened recently, all new models to its collection of French Indo.

Madhuri Dixit has been invited to Varun who gave me the strength to see more good work. Madhuri was on the front lines he was given a white chudo Anarkali. You Do not walk on the ramp but it was the whole show.

Makeup was so natural and fashion models and the average height of 5'5 were on the ramp is new and surprising.

Indian models were more dominant is a ramp, a French music, which was added to the larger shows. Rohit Bal, Ritu Kumar and Varun Manav Gangvani were refreshing.


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