Not A Good Bikini, The Actress Says Zareen Khan

Actress Zareen Khan, whose last outing on the big screen was the serial number, along with his mentor, Salman Khan, is overwhelmed by the response he received.

And Zareen, who is always seen with the Khan makes no secret of accepting the fact that the duo is at hand.

"I know Salman since I started, and what I am today is because of him. It's nice when people say he is encouraging me, I agree with that . So what if he is? I am happy because I will be promoted and recommended by someone like Salman. "

Its weight was also a topic of discussion, but Zare is far from being embarrassed by it. While she had managed to bring down a few pounds for the character 'Dheela ...', she said, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

"I'm really glad my song is appreciated. Especially because I was written off after my debut. It feels overwhelming. As for losing a few pounds, I had to do. I gained weight for my film that people do not understand, and I was criticized at the base. Of course, it would not work for my future projects, so I had to lose weight and regain my original size. In fact, with my peers thinner by the day, I also need to go the extra mil to stay in shape. "

Zare was the latest addition to the distribution of the continuation of Full House and apparently all the ladies will wear a bikini. But to deny reports she said, "No I will not wear a bikini. And I'm not comfortable with skin show unnecessary. I'd rather be known for my acting skills than my body. "

Constant comparison with actress Katrina Kaif is making the rounds since he entered the field. But the actress reveals that she has now learned to take things in his step

. "It does not really bother me, but now it is time that people began to recognize for what I am, which started somewhere. The industry does not have the clone, and I am here to create my individuality and will probably be able to do my job in a matter of time. Katrina's older than me. I respect enormously. "


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