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Justin Bieber Fans are very difficult to handle ..

Old soul is the last thing you expect to find in Justin Bieber. But all it takes is one listen to 17 years, Seoul-singing phenomenon to understand that he is light years ahead of his peers manufactured pop.

After seeing dozens of home videos on YouTube in 2007, where the versatile Bieber took his impeccable touch on the songs of artists like Usher, Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder, Justin has over 10,000,000 views only by the word of mouth.

"I started singing about three years ago," says the native Canadian who grew up a child in Stratford, Ontario. "I went to a local singing competition called Stratford Idol. Other people in the competition was taking singing lessons and was a vocal coach. I can not take it too seriously at that time, I just wanted to sing around the house. I just 12 and I got second place. "

In an effort to share his victory with his family, Justin began to publish his filmed performances online. "I put my videos on YouTube singing competition so that my friends and family can see them," he said. "But it turned out that other people liked and began to subscribe to them. So my boss found me. I saw on YouTube and in contact with my family and now I'm connected!"

Seven months after Justin started to publish their videos online, the former So So Def Scooter Braun flew towards the commercialization of the singer, 13 years in Atlanta, Georgia to meet with fellow elite. As if the natural talent to sing Justin was not enough to impress circle Scooter Braun knew Bieber was also a self-taught musician who plays the drums, guitar, piano and trumpet.

"Just when we flew to Atlanta, Scooter has guided us in the studio and Usher was there in the parking lot," says Bieber. "It 'was the first time outside of Canada so I went to him and was like," Hey Usher, I love your songs, you want me to sing one? "It was like," No kid, just inside, it's cold. "

Only needed a short period of time to understand the Internet with Usher, he was superstar's future. "A week later, I returned to Atlanta Usher," says Bieber. "I sang for him and his people and he really wanted to sign me then and there, but I still had my encounter with Justin Timberlake who also wanted to sign me. It turned out much better agreement was Usher. 'State at LA Reid, up to him and Scooter had a lot of really good connections in Atlanta. I always tease Usher now and remind me how much he has swept away the first time we met. "

In October 2008, Justin Bieber has officially signed with Island Records. Their first album, My world is an intimate look into the mind of a Renaissance man in the grass. With a production of the successful star of the men sleep and Tricky Stewart produced "Umbrella" for Rihanna and Beyonce Smash past, "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)", Justin has what it takes to get to the supremacy pop.

His first single, "One Time" produced by Tricky, is a favorite subject of Justin, love. Usher joins Justin on "first dance", where they share two verses of a song that Bieber describes as "a slow groovy song that people can dance." Le Midi Mafia-produced "Down to Earth" Justin hollow to talk about growth. "Large" finds singer teen mature at an even while motivating his listeners to strive for their goals.

"I hope to influence others positively," said Justin. "My message is that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it I grew up under the poverty line. I have as much as other people, I think it made me stronger as a person has built my character.. Now I have an average of 4.0 grade points and I want to go to college and just become a better person. "

Used very little, and natural artistic talent, Justin Bieber injection power of music to be sustained for many years. "I think that older people can appreciate my music, because I do not really show my heart when I sing, and it is not trivial," he says. "I think I can grow an artist and my fans grow up with me." And to think, has just begun.


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