A romantic bus ride for lovers

"Thank You" stars Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Irrfan Khan flags off Thanks - Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo bus on March 31. This bus is designed exclusively for couples who are struggling to find peace and are often charming in public spaces. These couples may be a free ride on the bus, which is divided into different sections of the curtain.

Pyaar Do Pyaar ride the bus from Lo H2O (Marine Drive) to pick up the couple on the way of Carter Road (Bandra), Juhu Beach and finally ending the tour at Versova, give couples the best time private work together.

Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo jokingly bus is divided into five sections seeks to ensure that couples receive complete privacy. Buses also serve free drinks.

Spokesman confirms UTV Motion Pictures Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo bus is a unique concept that drives the theme song and film. Couples looking to spend some quality private time in Mumbai can now jump on the bus love and enjoy a few quiet moments together.


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