The Campaigns Are On The Agenda: Amitabh Bachchan

Bargains are order of the day today, "said Amitabh Bachchan and the feeling of having been a key element of show biz, because they help attract crowds in the halls.

"Opportunities in the order of the day, whether in film or television or communications company. This is the promotion that makes the difference. Gone are the days when you had the faith and confidence in the product so that speaks for itself. No, "Amitabh, who has just finished shooting the promos of the game show" Kaun Banega Crorepati "he wrote in his blog The fifth season will air in August.

He also started to promote its domestic industry, "Bbuddah - Terra Baap Hoga" which is released on 1 July.

"As young people often said at that time. If you do not speak or sell it, nobody is interested. Marketing has opened corporate offices where young entrepreneurs are struggling with circumstances and construction plans for how a product should be presented to a mass of personality, "he writes.

And the actress, 68, has accepted the amendment, said he is not "all wrong".

"In our modern era of filmmaking in principle in the countryside who decides what the public and the films they want to see. I do not think it's inappropriate at all, "said Amitabh.

"After the kind of exposure that entertainment through various channels of communication, has brought into our homes, it would be very difficult to resist going to the movies, or vice versa, to decide a small company, they do not want to see," he added.


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