Salman Issues Final Warning

Salman Khan is in the mood for revenge. Superstar cross on his charitable acts interrupted by a few people trying to capitalize on its popularity.

Salman Khan has issued a final warning to all those who try to make a quick profit on their behalf. A good example is the Human Being. Salman is transverse to the fact that its mark is the subject of copyright infringement that is affecting your charity work.

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According to reliable sources, "Salman has issued a final warning to all those who sell their branded products through illegal means. As part of the proceeds of the human cargo Salman goes to work for charity, Salman loses his temper saying its brand is sold through illegal means. Salman main concern is that her charity work is affected by this illicit trade and now the star is taking this matter seriously and may even be legal tender if necessary to combat misuse of its mark. "

It should be mentioned that Salman merchandise Being Human has become a craze among the masses, especially its young fans. Keep in mind this craze, some people have started selling fake Being Human T-shirts to make a quick profit. Salman has finally acknowledged this fact and decided to take corrective measures to reverse this trend.

With the growing population of Salman at the box office, Human Being brand is also seen its effects to become one of the most popular brands in the country today.


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