Stanley Ka Dabba Review: Simple, Moving, Elegant

A dabba is more than the food that the owner speaks cultural roots, their families, their tastes. Indeed, the producer-writer-director Amol Gupte dabba the student for any reason that the story revolves around a.

We are told that the boy kindly, slightly behind Stanley (Partho) dabba do not get to school. You wonder why. His group of friends eager to share their lunch with him. The rich do get a dabba four layers of the house that loves his gang. But their teacher, voracious Hindi dubbed Khadoos (Amol Gupte) have also fallen in lust with dabba impressive. He wanted free access to the spread of Stanley a day. How does Stanley manages a way out of this situation?

The film, which is mostly fun and games in the first half, it's sad in the second. Throughout the history of cinema Stanley Cup through the clutter and provides a solid point of pathos.

The film also takes a stand against the shackles of the thoughts of teachers who do not allow room for new thoughts. Even a child who left rattles these so-called educators who encourage the child to error "value Saraswati and write with his right hand." Tragic, really!

Or a stern teacher who is so caught up in the final part of a challenging and rigorous scientific project, he ignores the wonderful invention of his young pupil.

The song interlude Dabba mothers who lovingly packing their lunch boxes for children is great. In fact, all songs are quite unique with intelligent lyrics. In addition to supervising children is also fun to see the interaction between individual members of school staff. The background score is fabulous, in fact, is so good that sometimes it is embarrassing. The camera never more like our main character Stanley is exceptional.

There are some moments you think back to tearing Zameen Par (Amol Gupte was the writer and creative director of TZP). He is the lonely child, teaching fellow, unsympathetic teachers, friendship between the children and ultimate triumph. By this measure, the Stanley Ka Dabba softer, simpler, and, ironically, more complex films. The final bittersweet, the film notch above.

Stanley Ka Dabba allows emotional and near tears at different times, of course, is only possible because we have to care for the characters that much, especially that of Stanley. So viewers tend to forgive the weaker parties, such as time of call and the improbable sequence of the scene.

The performances are sincere and moving. Amol Gupte son Partho debut and offers the benefit of coupling nuanced. Same for the child actors playing his friends. Amol Gupte is fabulously despicable villain in the quasi-comic Dabbas for starving children. Divya Dutta shines in his role as a teacher friendly, and Divya Jagdale is top notch as the science teacher's nonsense.

Producer-writer-director Amol Gupte to make a film that is a breath of fresh air. Its easy to understand the world of children, not less complicated than in adults is exemplary.

So there you have it - a sensitive, moving film, smart movie reminiscent of Iranian Majid Majidi, as children of heaven. It is a must-see


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