Lara Is Not A Wife Material

Well, not accuse us of causing trouble in this paradise, the woman admits she is not even important woman.

Yes, she confessed that she exclusively to zoom and surprisingly husband, Mahesh was not upset by his remark lovely wife. That is what we call a real sport, eh? Now jokes aside, here's Lara real confession. In an interview with Lara was asked about his business as a young girl, not her, my dears, shaadi, talking about his newly launched production house.

She admitted: ". I do not want to play SRK's wife or girlfriend over Akshay" In the same breath, said "our business is that there is a severe shortage of roles for women. And always, the heroine wears fantasy costumes, lots of hair extensions and makeup and is reduced to the dance in a movie where the song becomes a hit. I have made countless number of these myself. And heroines are subject to being the wife of hero or the bride. "Hmnnn ... We are sure you have heard the other beauties. Now we hope to take their ...


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